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Comfysweat Fitness Workout Vest Black / L-XL / United States - Comfy Era
Comfysweat Fitness Workout Vest - Comfy Era
Comfysweat Fitness Workout Vest - Comfy Era
Comfysweat Fitness Workout Vest - Comfy Era
Comfysweat Fitness Workout Vest - Comfy Era

Comfysweat Fitness Workout Vest

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Looking for a workout sauna vest?

Some say you aren't really working out if you aren't working up a sweat! This sauna shaping vest will definitely help with that! But more importantly, it will help shape you even faster than exercise alone. I mean think about it, in addition to doing those workouts, you are also giving your core support which promotes good posture and of course shaping as well even while going about your fitness routine.

Stimulate sweating to cleanse your pores and take your workout routine to the next level!

Posture support promotes healthy posture which helps make exercise more effective and daily life more comfortable!

Lightweight and comfortable to wear! Great for the gym, jogging, hiking, or biking!

Please check chart carefully here or in the images above. May not match your standard size. email comfyerastore@comfyera.com if you have any questions or need help choosing a size!

Our Comfysweat Fitness Workout Vest can take your exercise to the next level while improving your posture at the same time. Enjoy a warm sauna effect while exercising and cool off at home after!

comfysweat fitness workout vest brings results within three weeks

Check out how much smoother and toned this customer looks after 3 weeks of wearing the Comfysweat Fitness Workout Vest. They stand straighter, their contours look smoother and they just look more toned! 

Great fitness shaper make your workout more effective while achieving immediate results.

Comfortable workouts no need to worry about posture, heating effect to keep you nice and warm the entire workout. 

Perfect for any routine from gymnastics and jogging to exercises at home this workout vest has you covered.

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