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Comfymesh Waist Cincher Corset Black / L - Comfy Era
Comfymesh Waist Cincher Corset - Comfy Era
Comfymesh Waist Cincher Corset - Comfy Era
Comfymesh Waist Cincher Corset Black+Steel Bones / S - Comfy Era
Comfymesh Waist Cincher Corset Apricot / M - Comfy Era
Comfymesh Waist Cincher Corset Apricot+Bones / S - Comfy Era

Comfymesh Waist Cincher Corset

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Tired of those pants not fitting?

A little extra flub is nothing to be ashamed of. As we get older it is almost unavoidable! However, it can be managed with the proper Waist Cincher Corset. It does not have to be uncomfortable or build up sweat to be effective! Our Comfymesh Waist Cincher will have you back in shape in no time!

waist cincher making unwearable pants wearable again

Make those unwearable pants wearable again! Don't go out and by a whole new wardrobe to fit that tummy. Shape it up with this belt!

Breathable Comfort mesh design - Holes to provide ventilation and comfort. Stretches to fit quite nicely while holding it all in.

Quality Steel boned support, or not, your choice! While steel bones do give a shaper belt more oomph and are still comfortable some people prefer a cincher without so we leave it up to you!

You will be amazed at how much your shape can improve! This Comfymesh Waist Cincher Corset quickly and subtly helps sculpt your body into a much smoother shape. It can even help you hold this shape without the belt over time!

Size chart in cm, if you are unsure of your measurements don't hesitate to email us at Comfyerastore@comfyera.com this chart can also be seen better in the slider images at the top of the page.

Focus points to provide support where you need it the most.

Improve your posture instantly! The benefits of good posture are numerous, from looking better to actually being more healthy!

Multiple rows of buckles to keep this belt secure and in place all day long.

Correct spine irregularities by improving your posture and providing more support for your back and waist. Our high quality shaper belt can help with your back pain or other spinal issues by helping you stand straighter.