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Comfyhuggle Hoodie - Comfy Era
Comfyhuggle Hoodie Red - Comfy Era
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Comfyhuggle Hoodie - Comfy Era
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Comfyhuggle Hoodie

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Nothing beats a good hoodie for winter!

Now more than ever it is important to be warm and safe in your home. Enjoy time with family and revel in the holidays like never before after a chaotic year. The Comfyhuggle Hoodie is a fleece-lined hoodie great for indoor and outdoor use during the colder months!

comfy era snuggy huggle fleece lined hoodie

Classic snuggy feel, new and improved! One size fits all!

  • Ultra soft sherpa comfort... for when you need to get stuff done or relax but still keep warm!
  • Reversible, wool on the outside or wool on the inside! Entirely up to you!
  • Elastic wrists - keep wrists in place, no more sliding annoying sleeves. 
Ultra-Plush-Cozy-Flannel-Sherpa-Huggle-Hoodie comfy era

Wear it how you want!


Stay warm and enjoy the holidays or any cold day with a Comfyhuggle Hoodie

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